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Change time
ZTMC released a commemorative t of titanium
At the Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Works recently cast commemorative - one hundred thousandth ton titanium sponge.
30 January 2012
Kola MMC will increase annual production volumes of nickel, copper and cobalt up to 9 million. Tons
Guide Kola MMC held a press conference at which representatives of the company spoke about the results of work in 2011 and shared their expectations and plans for 2012.
27 January 2012
Stainless steel giants can combine assets
German group ThyssenKrupp and the Finnish company Outokumpu can combine assets for the production of stainless steel.
26 January 2012
Aluminium - the most famous metal in modern industry, but until the twentieth century is considered a rare enough, silvery-white in color, with a "happy" atomic number 13, unbiased by generalization synthetic element lurking in the bowels of the earth and standing in the third group of the third periodic table period after oxygen and silicon
25 January 2012
ZMZ has summed up last year for the production of titanium products
At the production association "Zubtsov Machine-Building Plant" summed up the results of work in 2011. According to the report, representatives of the company, during the period at the facilities of the plant produced more than 175 tons of ingots of titanium double and triple remelting and 17 tons of rods and welding wire in titanium and titanium alloys.
24 January 2012
Nickel Shearing and Upper Ufaleya got Highmetals KDS
In the nickel company "Rezhnikel" and "Ufaleynickel" found a buyer. The new owner of these companies is the company Highmetals KDS, representing, according to unconfirmed reports, the interests of the corporation Glencore International (Global Energy Commodities and Resources, Switzerland).
23 January 2012
Acroni in January, plans to produce products to 42 million. EUR
Guide Slovenian plant Acroni, specializing in the production of stainless, electrical and other special steels, plans to finish the month with record figures in terms of output.
20 January 2012
AVISMA Corporation is planning to increase the production of titanium in the third volume of 2011
Guide Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association AVISMA - the world leader in the production of ingots, semis and rolled products of titanium and titanium alloys - plans this year, significantly increase the volume of output.
19 January 2012
Metal equipment is used in any production. Equipment for the plant, as a rule, is expensive, so it is necessary to take good care of and properly monitor it as long as possible to prolong its service life.
18 January 2012
Rights of nickel production at Elkinskom and Elan mines will be sold in the I quarter of 2012
On the company Wenox Holdings Ltd. last week
17 January 2012
Titanium Valley: improved conditions for investors
Last week came into effect changes in Russian legislation concerning special economic zones (SEZ).
13 January 2012
Specialists of Western Areas overestimated the volume of nickel ores at the Spotted Quoll deposit
Analysts Holding Areas Western Australia conducted a more thorough evaluation of mineral nickel mine Spotted Quoll (Western Australia).
12 January 2012
The advantages of stainless steel
In recent years, steel Stainless steel use the extraordinary popularity.
11 January 2012
Stainless Steel Made In China: results of last year and forecasts for the future
Stainless steel produced by steel companies of China, in the last decade aggressively competes with the metal, issued by other manufacturers.
10 January 2012
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