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Change time
Indian manufacturers will start to buy
Buyers from India made a statement about the desire to procure goods from the lay time next month. It will be possible after reduction of prices for coking coal to $ 180 per ton. We are talking about «marine»...
30 January 2017
The crisis in the steel industry has benefited the UK
David Pile from Swansea University spoke about the future of the industry in the UK. Pile believes the country may once again regain its status as one of the leaders in the steel industry. But for this, the industry needs...
27 January 2017
The Indian government wants to abolish the duties on coking coal
The adoption of the budget for the new year, has created in India a lot of debate. The Ministry began to actively trying to abolish the duties on the import of certain goods. In particular we are talking...
25 January 2017
Steel Authority of India insists on the development of the Indian coal deposits
Steel Authority of India Ltd — the largest steel company in India. Not long ago, the Board of Directors of the company applied to the government of the country. In a statement, the company needs to launch...
23 January 2017
In the near future in Turkey, the growth of production and export of steel
Over the past year in Turkey’s export quantity of steel products increased by ten percent. If in 2015 the total proportion of purchases abroad amounted to fifteen million tons. For 2016 the Turkish metallurgists...
22 January 2017
Indian Jindal Steel and Power Ltd (JSPL) will build a new blast furnace
As reported earlier Jindal Steel and Power Ltd is actively implementing large-scale investment program. The goal of the company — increase the capacity at the plants Angul, in the Indian state of Odisha. Now the...
18 January 2017
The government of Zimbabwe intends to privatize Zisco (Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company)
Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company is one of the largest metallurgical enterprises on the African continent. The government of Zimbabwe intends before the end of next month to compile a list of potential buyers of the...
17 January 2017
In the United States next year, will increase steel production
In the press there were data on steel production to grow by four and a half percent. Information for next year. And was derived from the joint forecast of the twenty most influential analysts. Experts are unanimous that the...
16 January 2017
In the Chinese market soared prices for iron ore and steel
Stock exchange of China «fever». This week in the Chinese market of securities was a stir. It is triggered by the shutdown of several production facilities and reducing excess capacity in the North...
12 January 2017
The vulgar year Vietnam has increased production of rolled
According to analysts, 2016 was successful for the metallurgists of Vietnam. During the year local businesses have managed to produce seventeen and a half million tons. It is sixteen and a half percent higher than a year...
10 January 2017
If China will increase the scale of the reduction capacity of – world metallurgy to recover
Bliimberg news Agency reported, experts estimate the world market of metallurgy has a chance to recover. Many are convinced that the reduction in capacity in China is strong momentum for recovery. Citygroup Inc intends in the...
9 January 2017
The DPRK has twice increased the supply of steel and coal abroad
According to South Korean Trade organization, North Korea has doubled the supply of coal and steel in China. The event took place on the eve of the decision the UN security Council. It is aimed at the tightening...
5 January 2017
In Latvia, the production of steel has decreased to a minimum
For the metal mining and engineering industry of Latvia this year, most held neutral. During this time was the negative and positive aspects. On the development of the industry was affected by the geopolitics, and the adoption of new...
4 January 2017
Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. hope to establish production in Alaska
Victory for trump in the presidential election gives hope to American businessmen. According to press reports, Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd will resubmit the application for the construction of gold mines and macedoniuses. The first...
2 January 2017
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