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The volume of production of Nickel ore in the Philippines this year will decrease
Recently made the President of the Philippine Nickel Industry Association. He voiced the prospects of the Philippine mining industry Nickel ore. It is noted that in the current year, production volumes will decrease. The...
24 April 2019
The cut Raspadskiy earned new machinery
The cut Raspadskiy began to operate the new machinery. Since the beginning of the year, was commissioned in 7 units. Among them 5 mining dump trucks Caterpillar 777E. Was obtained excavator Caterpillar 390 F. Finally earned drilling rig...
22 April 2019
Australian BHP aims for the natural resources of Ecuador
BHP, the largest Australian mining Corporation. She has signed a preliminary agreement to establish a joint venture. The second party to the agreement made by the canadian company Luminex Resources. It is known that...
20 April 2019
The company
The company «Russian Coal» is a group SAFMAR. She continues implementation of the program of rearmament. This applies to coal mines, located in the Siberian Federal district. Above all, the renewal of mining...
18 April 2019
Company Polymetal will take over platinum mine Wicsa
In 2012, Polymetal carried out the acquisition of deposits Wicsa. It is located in Karelia. This was the first project company on the development of platinum group metals. At that time the mineral resources were...
13 April 2019
Malaysia gives nod to bauxite mining
Three years in Malaysia, a moratorium on the mining of bauxite. His term expires April 1 of the current year. Thus, local businesses can once again begin to work. However, to resume production, they will not immediately.
12 April 2019
At the Chelyabinsk zinc plant is actively promoting the construction of an oxygen plant
Chelyabinsk zinc plant is continuing to build an oxygen plant. The project started to prepare the foundations for the surge tanks. It is known that the production of the zinc plant needs oxygen. It is required...
11 April 2019
Metallurgical enterprise US launches new investment program
In recent months it became known about the launch of new investment projects. This was reported by leading metallurgical companies in the US. The total volume of new projects is 9.7 billion dollars. This is the...
7 April 2019
In the Chinese province of Hebei will continue to reduce production capacity
Recently held session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives. It was attended by the head of CPC Committee of Hebei province. He said that the province will continue to reduce production capacity. We are...
4 April 2019
CHTPZ group has completed the implementation of its current investment project
New investment project of the Group CHTPZ completed. It concerns modernization of the industrial complex «Cold pipes». It was implemented at Pervouralsk new pipe plant. In the process had installed the new equipment.
2 April 2019
Sider Alloys wants to resume the work of the Italian aluminium plant Portovesme
Recently the Swiss company Sider Alloys announced its plans. She intends to run again Portovesme aluminum plant. He is on the island of Sardinia. This is the only aluminum plant in Italy. To resume its operation is planned...
1 April 2019
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