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Change time
Norilsk Nickel has received another award
Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel" has once again received one of the first prizes in the prestigious competition. At this time, the organization was awarded the honorary title "Company of the Year" at the event "National Award in business", held annually by the largest Russian media holding "RBC" in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Laura went to the leader of MMC in the category "Metallurgical industry".
29 November 2012
Released details of the sale of titanium monopoly
In the international media published new information that reveals details of sale "Rostenhnologiyami 'own share of the assets of the company" VSMPO-Avisma "(Verkhnaya Salda) - Russian gas monopoly titanium market. According to the news agency "Interfax", the above-mentioned state-owned stake buy offshore company «Nordcom», registered in Cyprus.
28 November 2012
AMZ launches innovative installations for stainless strip processing
The specialists of "Asha Metallurgical Plant" (Russia, Chelyabinsk Region) started pre-commissioning at the new processing line of finished steel, stainless steel. The equipment, which installation was started in the spring of last year, is intended to remove from the surface of the metal band of the oxide film without using acidic reagents.
25 November 2012
Public Chamber will analyze the feasibility of the development of Voronezh nickel mines
Public Chamber of the Russian Federation will review the situation around the idea of ​​the development of nickel deposits of the Voronezh region - Elkinskogo and Elan mines. Force organization will be created a special commission, which will consider the advisability of starting work for the extraction of resources in these areas from the point of view of environmental safety, economic benefits and consequences for society adjacent to the site areas.
22 November 2012
In the MCC released Titan Ukraine as CEO
In the State holding company "Titan of Ukraine" a vacancy CEO who previously (from 2010 to the present time - before his dismissal) held Alexander I. Nechaev.
21 November 2012
Volumes of production of stainless steel in the current year: expert opinion divided
The predictions of market analysts about whether the volume of production of stainless steel in 2012 (compared to last year) rise, there is no consensus. As experts of the analytical agency MEPS (UK) suggest that the sector is alloyed metals await positive outlook.
19 November 2012
Norilsk Nickel was exemplary CSR Report
Report of MMC "Norilsk Nickel" on CSR (corporate social responsibility) won the respective category XV Annual Contest of Annual Reports held "Moscow Exchange" - Russia's largest trading sector operator of securities and currencies.
18 November 2012
The cause of the tragedy on the titanium plant is still not clear
Which gas was the cause of death of three workers in the titanium plant in Berezniki (Russia, Perm) still remains a mystery. Data released earlier that was responsible for the tragedy chlorine, to "VSMPO-Avisma" denied. Not confirmed the previously published version and the MOE, referring to Rostekhnadzor, which experts have promised to provide accurate information about substance-killer November 20.
15 November 2012
An anti-dumping investigation on Chinese stainless steel will extend for another six months
The investigation in the case of dumping of Chinese stainless pipe producers, imported into the territory of the Customs Union (CU), will continue for another six months. This Representatives of specialized media reported on the domestic market protection department of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) - the regulatory body of the Common Economic Space (CES) and the states of the Customs Union.
14 November 2012
CHGRK can not begin to develop a copper-nickel mine Montenegro
"CHGRK" LLC (a division of "Russian platinum") can not start developing copper - nickel mine "Montenegrin" (Krasnoyarsk region). The reason - the lack of conditions for the efficient extraction of resources in the field.
12 November 2012
In Titanium Valley started construction work
On the territory of special economic zone "Titanium Valley" (Sverdlovsk region, Verkhnyaya Salda) started work on the construction sites in the first stage of construction. "Now on the site are carried out excavation work in the field, where the structure will be built three residents of the project" - told reporters the representatives of the Department of Territory Governor.
11 November 2012
The Chinese government is struggling against cheap imports stainless steel tube
Today comes into force a special circular №72, prepared by the staff of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. The document refers to the levying of additional taxes on the import of seamless stainless steel tubes with high performance, produced in Japan and the European Union.
7 November 2012
The question of the right to develop nickel deposits of Norilsk-1 is not yet closed
The question of what exactly the company will exploit the subsoil nickel mine "Norilsk-1" is not yet closed. The reason for that - the recognition of the Russian Federation Government's decision of the competition committee, which determined the "Russian platinum" winner in the confrontation with MMC "Norilsk Nickel" for the rights of the asset are invalid.
5 November 2012
Titanium industry in Ukraine began the process of readjustment to the PSC Sumykhimprom
Sumy Economic Court began the process of reorganization of Public Joint Stock Company "Sumykhimprom" - one of the Ukrainian companies working in the market of titanium dioxide. The procedure, which will monitor the Chairman of the Board of PJSC - Igor Lazakovich - lasts 1 calendar year. At this time, the manager of the organization's assets will be appointed by the court manager - Roman Marchenko.
4 November 2012
Aperam: revitalizing the stainless steel market has not followed
The long-awaited revival in consumer demand for stainless steel after summer "vacation" was not followed. This is the conclusion analysts of one of the world's market leaders doped metal - the company Aperam - after summing up the results of the III quarter.
1 November 2012
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