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Iranian company Mobarakeh Steel Co (MSC) asks to reduce import duties on hire
According to the latest reports, the steel company Mobarakeh Steel Co (MSC) began negotiating with the government of Iran. The company suggests the government to reduce duties on cold — and hot-rolled coils. Today, taxes...
29 November 2016
One of the largest metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine PJSC
At the Ukrainian enterprise «Zaporizhstal» for the first time was begun the certification process sheet steel in coils. The task of certification to verify compliance of Ukrainian products four Indian standards, which...
28 November 2016
In the US determined preliminary duty on heavy plates
The United States has adopted anti-dumping duties on tolstolistyj alloy and carbon steel on some mill. The sanction affected the countries of Europe and Asia. The list includes France, China, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Taiwan and Japan.
27 November 2016
The United States supports the construction of
The construction of southern corridor — a priority of the European Union in the energy sector. After construction, the pipeline is planned to transport ten billion cubic meters of gas annually. Gas supplies...
24 November 2016
Nippon Steel plans to raise prices on products
Leap in the cost of coking coal and iron ore in the fourth quarter, has forced many companies to revise projected earnings. The exception was the Japanese Corporation Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. Because, unlike the rest of the...
22 November 2016
China prematurely cut 45 million tons of capacity
Representatives of the Chinese public sector economic planning announced that the planned reduction in steelmaking capacity finished ahead of schedule. In General, the reduction affected forty-five million tons of capacity. The...
21 November 2016
The shortage of scrap metal, steel demand — all this has forced to shudder the market of Kazakhstan. However, the Kazakh mini-mill «Casting», intends next year to achieve the total capacity. Every month, the...
16 November 2016
The results of the study: Nord Stream 2 will make Germany energy center
Recently, Ewi Energy Research and the European centre for energy resource security, conducted a joint study. According to the data obtained, as Europe’s declining gas production, which means that soon the situation with gas supply...
14 November 2016
The rental cost increases due to rising prices for coking coal
This year, in the period from July to today, the price of coking coal has increased significantly. So, if in July the price per ton amounted to ninety dollars per ton. Then in October already stood at two hundred...
13 November 2016
The fate of gas to the EU
From recent studies EUCERS and Ewi Energy Research in the near future, the system of gas supplies of the EU will suffer changes. This is due to lower gas production in Europe. At the same time, the European Union...
10 November 2016
India imposed anti-dumping duties on wire rod from China
November 3, the Indian Ministry of Finance made a decision on the introduction of temporary anti-dumping duties relative to the DPRK. The measure relates exclusively to import hot rolled steel bars. Although earlier it was...
8 November 2016
Next year we expect a deficit in the field of color metalloprodukt
Financial analysts Corporation Commerzbank are preparing this year to increase the price of the metal. According to them, Nickel will increase to 11,000 us dollars per tonne. The danger is that it might weaken the position...
7 November 2016
German giant Wuppermann transfer of production to Hungary
The German company Wuppermann has recently moved its production to Hungary. There the company opened its new plant Wuppermann Hungary. Thus, one of the largest European manufacturers will no longer operate on the territory of Austria.
6 November 2016
The Korean company Pasco showed profit growth.
On the background of the growth in Chinese infrastructure and real estate rising prices around the world. And this naturally brings profit growth in Asian production. So, the largest steel producer in South Korea, Posco received...
2 November 2016
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