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Commerzbank: Copper will go up, but it is only a short-term phenomenon
Analysts «Commerzbank» - one of the most powerful financial corporations with headquarters in Germany - believe that the three-month contracts for copper in the short term rise. "The rebound may occur after the quotation reached the resistance line at around 7740 USD per ton. After a brief rise in prices, we are waiting nezatyazhnoy "Flete", followed by a second "bearish" trend "
27 February 2013
Kirov factory for processing non-ferrous metals are credited to 260 million
The management of "KZOTSM" ( "Kirov factory for processing non-ferrous metals") has signed an agreement with representatives of the Volga-Vyatka branch "Sberbank of Russia" to open a credit line in the amount of 260 million rubles.
25 February 2013
China: molybdenum prices rise - manufacturers in anticipation of buying activity
In China molybdenum prices went up: the sellers are trying to capitalize on the upcoming replenishment steel companies stocks. The vast majority of the market participants showed enviable synchronicity
24 February 2013
WBMS Bureau released data on the state of the market of non-ferrous metals for the past year
Employees WBMS (World Bureau of Metal Statistics) published data on the state of the world market of non-ferrous metals for the year 2012. According to the Bureau of Statistics, tin, and lead, were delivered to the market in short supply, as aluminum, zinc, copper, and nickel - on the contrary, were present at the warehouses of exchanges with excess.
22 February 2013
In the Voronezh Duma adopted a draft memorandum of nickel
This week in the Voronezh Regional Duma held a regular meeting of the Public Council, which controls the nickel mining issue at Elkinskom and Elan mines. The main thesis of the event was: "The development of nickel deposits in the area Novokhopersk - issue of national importance. However, in the foreground in the situation it appears ecology edge. "
20 February 2013
The largest producer of stainless steel asks a loan
The world's largest manufacturer of stainless steel - the German company «ThyssenKrupp» - put into circulation debt securities in the amount of € 1.25 billion. This is only part of the planned borrowing program owners, a common outcome of which will be to attract credit funds amounting to 10 billion EUR.
19 February 2013
Udokan copper is not to change the owner
Representatives of the largest iron ore company in the CIS - Management Company "Metalloinvest" - denied the rumors about the imminent change of ownership Udokan copper deposit.
18 February 2013
Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant is operating normally
Despite the "meteor attack" partially destroyed one of the buildings of JSC "CZP" (CZP), work at a metallurgical plant is not stopped - according to representatives of the organization.
16 February 2013
China has reduced the volume of foreign trade in stainless metal
The association of Chinese producers of special steels (SSEAC) summed up the results of foreign trade activities of the state on the corrosion-resistant metal in the past year. As it turned out, during the reporting period the volume of imports of stainless steel in the country significantly reduced: for 12 months on the territory of the PRC was imported 772 thousand tons of rolled products in this category, which is 14% less than in 2011..
15 February 2013
Analysts fix a record supply of copper on the London Stock Exchange warehouses non-ferrous metals
In the warehouses of the London Stock Exchange non-ferrous metal last week recorded a tangible increase in copper reserves. The amount of this resource in the bins after Friday LME trades reached a level of 400 thousand tons, a record trading platform for a long period of more than 12 months.
12 February 2013
Russia: the victory of flat stainless steel imported over domestic Mechel guilty GK
The fact that the Russian market, the domestic stainless steel sheet gradually gave way to a strategically important position to import analogues, to a large extent the group "Mechel" management companies blame. It is this opinion was expressed by analysts "Special Steels' Association, published on its website an analytical article on the state of affairs in the sector.
11 February 2013
RUSAL will take up aluminum mines of the Sverdlovsk region
OK "Rusal" will be taken for the restoration of ore mining industry for aluminum production in the Sverdlovsk region. The journalists reported the press-center of the governor of the region - Eugene Kuyvasheva, visited last week on a business trip a number of enterprises in the region.
10 February 2013
tin prices this year will demonstrate reversal pattern «W»
tin prices in 2013 will demonstrate one of the most famous figures of the alphabet stock trading - the so-called «Double Bottom» ( «double bottom"). Such a forecast of developments in the non-ferrous metal market analysts announced «Barclays» financial conglomerate - the largest international investment market operator with headquarters in London.
10 February 2013
For the use of titanium GOK Ukraine in 2012, the tenant has paid 152 million
State Property Fund of Ukraine has released data on income in the treasury powers flows from the lease of titanium GOK country - "Volnogorsk State Mining and Metallurgical Plant" (Dnipropetrovsk region) and "Irshansk State Mining and Processing Plant" (Zhytomyr region) over the past year. This is 152.17 million hryvnia
9 February 2013
The rate of growth in demand for aluminum in 2013 will repeat last year's dynamics
Demand for aluminum in the global market in 2013 will exhibit the same dynamics as in the previous year. This is the forecast made in the next 12 months for the "winged metal" experts of the analytical department of the company "Russian Aluminium" (UC RUSAL).
8 February 2013
Evrazrudy fined for pollution of farmland copper, zinc and arsenic
One of the subsidiaries of «Evraz Group SA» - the company "Evrazruda" - filed a claim for pollution of land for agricultural purposes by industrial waste is unacceptable concentrations of copper, zinc and arsenic.
6 February 2013
The Tajik aluminum company commented on the reduction of production
Officials TALCO (Tajik Aluminum Company) disclosed the reasons for reducing the volume of production of primary aluminum at the facilities of the company in 2012.
5 February 2013
MMC Norilsk Nickel is suspected of stealing copper
Representatives of the "Rosrezerva" (Department of state reserves management Russian) suspect management Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel" in bad faith with respect to the State Property adopted by the Corporation for storage.
4 February 2013
stainless steel market players are positive
Players of the global stainless steel market are in a good mood: everything indicates that the marked revival in consumer demand for corrosion-resistant metal is not far off.
1 February 2013
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