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Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant sums up
At JSC "CZP" (Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant) summed up the results of the company for the first quarter of 2013. According to the reports, published by the press center campaign, zinc production and zinc alloys in the facilities of the organization in the reporting period amounted to 41.88 ths. Tons, which is 5% more than in the similar period last year.
30 April 2013
Norilsk Nickel has delayed construction Bugdainsky Mining
Management MMC "Norilsk Nickel" has decided to postpone the project for the construction of mining and processing plant at the base of the ore deposits of molybdenum Bugdainsky five years. "This is a forced measure. By its decision the company pushes difficult situation today with the prices of raw materials on the global market "- commented the position of Mining and Metallurgical Company Bair Zhamsuev, performing in the Trans-Baikal region (in whose territory the place of the proposed construction of the object) as chief federal inspector.
25 April 2013
OMZ Special Steels Company received a certificate of PPP
Russian manufacturer of large parts of the special stamps metal - the company "OMZ Special Steels" - received a certificate of conformity stainless, carbon and alloy alloys manufactured at the facilities of the organization, PPP requirements (Russian River Register). Thus, the organization has once again confirmed the high quality of its products, produced for the needs of the shipbuilding industry of the Russian Federation.
23 April 2013
The owners try to revive the production of non-ferrous metals in La Oroya
Ceased some years ago, operates a powerful metallurgical complex for the production of copper, zinc and lead of the Peruvian city of La Oroya can resume its work in full: the owners of the plant (the owners of the company «Doe Run Peru»), previously considered a term liquidation of the enterprise, decided to hold its restructuring.
19 April 2013
Stainless steel pipe from China in the vehicle will be subject to the additional import duty
Additional levy in the amount of 19.15% of the consignment will be charged on importation into the territory of the Customs Union of cold seamless pipe rolling of stainless steel (HS 7304410009), originating in China. "This is a necessary measure, which will be introduced to protect the vehicle market operators from dumping price policy on the part of Asian manufacturers of stainless pipe. Validity of duty - 5 years "
15 April 2013
UC RUSAL will create a joint venture with Omen HPDC
The largest producer of "winged" metal in Russia - OK "Russian Aluminium" ( "Rusal") and the company «Omen HPDC» (Israeli company that specializes in high-pressure molding of parts made of non-ferrous metals) create in Russia a joint venture, to which powers will produce aluminum parts for the automotive industry
11 April 2013
Norilsk Nickel has implemented the next stage of cobalt production plan creation
Monchegorsk, Russia, Murmansk region. Construction units "Norilsk nickel" put into operation a new building, built for the needs of the sales department of the Kola Peninsula. Now shipping finished products will be carried out from this building, and the old area used by the company for these purposes will be exempt for cobalt production lines.
10 April 2013
In India, it will create a major titanium production joint venture
Indian steelmakers have made the first steps in creating a powerful joint venture for the production of titanium in Kerala (south-western part of the country). It is the international community became aware after the company «Steel Authority of India Ltd» (SAIL) has published on its website information about signing with partners tentative agreement in which the parties confirmed their intention to participate in large-scale titanium project on the Malabar coast.
9 April 2013
The Japanese made a bid for the lead at the expense of zinc
Leaders of the Japanese company «Mitsui Mining & Smelting» planned to reduce zinc output and increase performance by lead production. So for the first half of the fiscal year recently launched company will reduce the amount of Zn produced at its facilities to the level of 108.4 thousand. Tonnes. This is 4% lower than the figures «Mitsui Mining & Smelting» on the same metal in the same period last year and 0.8% less than in the last six months. The volume of production of lead in the enterprise owners of companies plan to increase to the level of 34.6 thousand. Tonnes.
8 April 2013
Renova will support the Swiss manufacturer of special steel
Russian private business structure «Renova» will provide financial support of the Swiss manufacturer of rolled stainless grades of metal and tool steel - the company «Schmolz + Bickenbach». Swiss Guide Metallurgical Group has decided to launch in turn additional shares to restore the "financial health" of the enterprise, and "Renova," are interested in this opportunity to expand its investment portfolio.
7 April 2013
Vulcan Minerals closed the deal on a nickel and copper mine in Labrador
The Canadian company «Vulcan Minerals Incorporation» completed the purchase of shares of copper-nickel deposit «Tasisuak Lake», located in the most eastern part of Canada - Labrador peninsula.
5 April 2013
In China, commissioned plant for the extraction of molybdenum and tungsten
Company from China «Duchang Jinding Tungsten & Molybdenum Mining» commissioned recently unfinished complex for the extraction and processing of molybdenum and tungsten ores in Jiangxi Province, which is located in south-eastern China. The plant was built on the field «Yangchushan» (its construction began in 2011 and was completed a few days ago). According to preliminary calculations, the company will be able to supply the market incessantly concentrates metals mentioned above for 30 years.
2 April 2013
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