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Avisma is looking for partners in the Tambov titan of the number of companies with related interests
According to representatives of the media, Mikhail Voevodin, who served as the head of the corporation "VSMPO-Avisma", his company is planning in the near future to attract partners from related industries to implement the Project for the development of the Central deposit of titanium ores located in the Tambov region. According to the head, it is now the project is at the stage of completion of a feasibility study.
29 August 2013
non-ferrous metal production Fire extinguished in the Swedish mine
According to official reports the Swedish authorities, mountain rescuers managed to put out the fire that erupted recently in Kristineberg mine (mine ores of copper, lead, zinc and precious metals), which is located in the municipality of Lycksele in the north. Due to the fire under the ground at a depth of more than a thousand meters, were trapped 22 workers, local mining company. At this point - according to foreign media - rescue teams engaged in raising freed from captivity fiery miners to the surface.
27 August 2013
Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel raises prices for stainless steel
Asian profile media reports: Chinese Metallurgical Corporation «Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co, Ltd.» (the leading manufacturer of stainless steel in the country) is planning to increase the cost of corrosion resistant metal for supply in September this year. According to the new price list the manufacturer, the price of cold-rolled stainless steel coil grade 304 increased for customers by 1.5 thousand. Yen per ton, and hot stainless steel coil will rise by 1.2 thousand. Yen per ton.
26 August 2013
Erected new mine at the deposit of copper Anniversary
The company "Bashkir copper", which is a group of companies "Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company", began developing "Northern Ventilation" trunk on copper deposit "Jubilee". The mine is located on the eastern slope of the Southern Urals, on the watershed between the rivers and Buzavlyk Tanalyk in the Republic of Bashkortostan (Russian Federation), in Khaybullinsky District.
22 August 2013
Glencore Xstrata is preparing to disclose the value of its nickel assets
According to news agency «Reuters», the Anglo-Swiss mining holding company «Glencore Xstrata» (the world's largest supplier of commodities, and rare earth metals) in the near future will be ready to disclose the value of assets acquired in the process of absorption of the mining enterprise «Xstrata», the last 2 - May of the current year.
20 August 2013
UC RUSAL may preserve some assets for the production of aluminum
As reported the press-center of the combined company "RUSAL", the Board of Directors of the Group of the 16th of August this year had to consider regarding the temporary preservation of the electrolysis cycle lines in several enterprises 'West' aluminum division. Recently, Oleg Deripaska, who served as CEO and co-owner of "Rusal", gave a statement in which he said that due to the significant deterioration in the financial performance of the company by its management will be raised on the temporary preservation of the aluminum production at Nadvoitsy, Ural, Volgograd, Theology Kolhovskom and aluminum smelters.
19 August 2013
Russian titanium monopoly increased its net profit by 28%
As the recently disclosed financial statements, prepared in accordance with RAS standards specialists of the corporation "VSMPO-Avisma" (monopoly Russian titanium metal market) in the second quarter of this year, the company received more than 1.85 billion. Rubles of net profit. It's a bit less than in the first quarter (current figures decreased in relation to the data for January - March 1%). But for the entire first half of this year, the corporation was received net profit in the amount of more than 3.72 billion. Rubles. This is 28% more than in the first half of 2012.
15 August 2013
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless does not change the price of stainless steel
Guidelines of the Japanese Iron and Steel enterprise «Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless» has recently been decided to keep the price of stainless steel rolls at the same level. In particular, it concerns the price of products for sale on the domestic market in August this year.
13 August 2013
OMZ - Special Steels installed a new heat-treating furnace
The plant "OMZ - Special Steels", which is among the assets of OAO "OMZ" ( "Uralmash-Izhora Group"), has been put into operation recently mounted thermal oven Slovenian company "Bosio". "This equipment is used innovative elements of the gas burner with built-in recovery in innovative insulating materials are used as a lining; the unit is also equipped with a modern automated instrumentation control system "- describe the" novelty "of the plant engineers.
13 August 2013
Copper increases in price
At the end of last week, on Friday, the price of copper on the London Metal Exchange was held in the hall of his two-month high. Experts explain this fact a positive impact on the world market recently announced trade statistics in China. Imports of copper and production of the red metal in the country increased by 12% in July
12 August 2013
The price of nickel may soon increase
Analysts commodity sector note: under the influence of the unstable global trends in financial markets, which are more associated with investment expectations regarding the policies of the largest state and interstate regulatory structures than with any fundamental reasons, nickel cost in July 2013. There were numerous large adjustments in a wide price range.
8 August 2013
The London Stock Exchange Non-Ferrous Metals accused of anti-competitive behavior
According to a source in the agency «ET Net News Agency», representatives of stock exchanges «Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited» (HKEx) has recently been notified that its structural division of «The London Metal Exchange» (LME) appears, along with the «Goldman Sachs group, Inc.», respondent in the class action, filed August 1, in the US District court for the Eastern District of Michigan.
6 August 2013
Expert assessments of prospects for copper on world markets mixed
According to Yoshihiro Nishiyama, holding the office of a top manager of the marketing department of the Japanese corporation «Pan Pacific Copper», the global copper surplus next year could reach its peak in the time span of five years. It will happen - said the representative of the Asian company - under the influence of a substantial decrease in Chinese demand for resources.
5 August 2013
CHEMK can become a monopoly market of ferroalloys in Russia
Recently, the Board of Directors of OJSC «Chelyabinsk Electric Works» (CEMP) shall decide on the acquisition of «Serov
2 August 2013
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