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Russian analysts summed up the results for the April stainless market
Analysts Association "Steels" summed up the activities of the stainless steel of the Russian market in April and published statistics on the state of affairs in the industry over the whole period from the beginning of the year. According to these data, in the last 4 months the total domestic production of corrosion-resistant varieties of metal was 37,650 tonnes, which is 18% more than during the same time period in 2012. Experts emphasize that figure is a new record for this sector of the Russian metallurgy.
30 May 2013
On a new line of Ukrainian ZTMC soon begin to produce semi-finished products of titanium
Ukraine: Employees of the Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Plant (ZTMC) began to test the newly converted line for the production of semi-finished products from titanium metal. In the industrial scale production of ingots of alloys, which will be the basis of the "winged metal", can begin here in the foreseeable future.
28 May 2013
Russian producers of non-ferrous metals is focused on products with high added value
Enterprises of the Russian non-ferrous metallurgy heading for the production of products with high added value. On this, according to local journalists market experts are referring to the quarterly report of the Federal Service of State Statistics.
27 May 2013
Kola MMC updates the equipment for processing of copper-nickel ores
MMC "Kola" continues to implement a program to upgrade the equipment involved in the processing of copper-nickel ore and produce non-ferrous metals. The company's management informs that only for the I quarter of this year, the company has acquired more than 90 units of various components, assemblies and machines to upgrade the nickel production, which cost the company at 214 million rubles. This management "Kola" does not plan to stop there: all in 2013 to upgrade its fleet of equipment and machinery MMC direct investment of 1.2 billion rubles
23 May 2013
The IAI estimated production of aluminum in the past month
Specialists of «International Aluminium Institute» (IAI) estimated production of aluminum in the world over the past month. According to their reports, during this period were produced 3.795 million. Metric tons of "winged metal" that, based on the daily production volume of 126.5 thous. Tons. This figure is only slightly (by 0.4%) more than in March, when the global market has received 126 thousand. Tons of aluminum
21 May 2013
Zambia plans to increase production of copper
The Government of Zambia is planning to increase production of copper products with high added value. "Today our country is a powerful exporter of copper ore. If we review the priorities of the state in favor of the production of this raw material products more highly processed, Zambia will receive new jobs and additional financial contributions to the economic development of the republic, "- said the head of the Ministry of mining, energy sector and development of water resources of the country - Yamfva Mukanga (Yamfwa Mukanga ) at a recent briefing with the media.
20 May 2013
Prior to the workshop just over a month left for the stainless steel market traders
After 33 days - 19 June 2013 - Moscow hotel "Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya" will open its doors to members of the business seminar "How to increase sales in the stainless steel market." The event, organized by the Association "Steels", is focused on a narrow circle of professionals in the Russian market of corrosion resistant metal
16 May 2013
The new owners of VSMPO preparing to acquire a further 10% titanium monopoly
The new owners of 50 per cent stake in the corporation "VSMPO-Avisma" preparing to buy out another 10% of the securities titanium monopoly. It was the second half of May is scheduled ads offer to buy out minority shareholders of another part of the corporation's assets, which the owners of VSMPO plans to implement a two percent premium to the current stock valuations of securities (at the price of $ 187 US per unit - as for the first transaction).
14 May 2013
Norilsk Nickel summed up the first quarter
In the "Norilsk Nickel" Last week the Mining and Metallurgical Company has published reports on the volume of production of precious and base metals in the first quarter of 2013. According to these data, the company during the reporting period by 5% reduced the amount of nickel release (compared to the same period last year -. 72 thousand tons compared to last year's 76,000) and a 3% increase in copper production volume (less than 89 thousand tons last year. against 91 thousand. tons in the current).
13 May 2013
Nadvoitsky aluminum plant will get its own source of energy
Nadvoitsky Aluminum Plant (NAZ), the owners of which have repeatedly raised the issue of the closure of the company due to loss of production, still remains among the existing facilities "Rusal". To NAE was "afloat", the company will have at its disposal and power plant will be reconstructed in the output of higher value. Conversion of the enterprise will cost the owners of 150 million euros that the plant as a loan will provide the Russian state corporation "Vnesheconombank".
7 May 2013
The largest copper producer in Kazakhstan is increasing production
The largest copper producer in Kazakhstan - the company «Kazakhmys» - increasing the volume of production of the red metal. According to recently published corporate reports for the first 3 months of this year, the company produced 79.7 thousand. Tons of enriched copper ores and 72.8 thous. Tons of copper cathode. Thus, his last year's results for the same period (71.5 thous. Tons and concentrate a little more than 65 thousand. Tons refined metal) «Kazakhmys» has improved by an average of 11.65%.
2 May 2013
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