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Change time
Avisma will supply titanium to the US for medical devices
Russian Corporation "VSMPO-Avisma" will supply titanium «Orchid Orthopedic Solutions» American company to manufacture the implant components. For information about the event employees of the press center company published on Thursday, March 28 on its corporate website. "The vice-president of the American division of corporation (« VSMPO-Tirus subsidiary of US, Inc ») - Andy McElwee - recently signed a contract with representatives of the medical company, in which VSMPO will ensure supply of products of titanium and its alloys for the needs of the implant manufacturer for 3 years "- said in a press release titanium corporation.
30 March 2013
Russian aluminum plant upgrades Irish
OK "Rusal" ( "United Company Russian Aluminum"), proceeds to the next phase of modernization of the equipment «Aughinish Alumina» Plant (Ireland), in which the corporation produces alumina for further processing in the "winged" metal. This is the replacement of existing plant steam generators running on fuel oil, for gas counterparts.
29 March 2013
The Turkish government approves anti-dumping duty on stainless pipe from Asia
The Turkish government decided on the size of the anti-dumping tax on pipe round and rectangular stainless steel imported into the territory of the state of the PRC and Taiwan. In particular, the additional import duties for rental suppliers from these countries has been appointed for the goods, the relevant customs codes 7306., 7306. and 7306.
27 March 2013
Nickel giant returns to the field on the Norilsk-1 issue
Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel" is not going to take positions to defend their interests in respect of the Taimyr deposits of copper, nickel and cobalt, "Norilsk-1". Despite the fact that the Moscow Arbitration Court has recently recognized the claims unfounded nickel giant, the company's lawyers continue to fight for the asset.
26 March 2013
Molybdenum Plant will be built in Canada, in spite of the protests of the population
Despite the fact that the decision to start construction of infrastructure facilities «Kitsault» molybdenum deposit was made against the will of the local population, the company «Avanti Mining», which owns the rights to develop resources in this field, nevertheless, plans to bring it started to end.
25 March 2013
Strikers copper production in Chile is fired
On the Chilean copper mines «Minera Escondida Ltda» group of companies, where from late February to early March the workers held protests, initiated layoffs. In particular, on the same mines Corporation - Career «Escondida» and «Escondida Norte» (north of the country, the desert Desierto de Atacama, 170 kilometers south-east of the port city of Antofagasta) jobs lost about 600 employees.
25 March 2013
The Russian ferrous metal producers reduce the amount of output
Manufacturers of non-ferrous metals in the Russian Federation to reduce production. That is the conclusion reached by experts of the Federal State Statistics Service, analyzing the data on the activities of domestic companies in the sector in the first 2 months of this year.
22 March 2013
In Pervomaisky resumed production of rare earth metals
In the small town of Pervomaysk (Russia, Shilkinsky district) at the local GOK "Zabaykalsky" resumes the previously suspended processing of ores of rare metals. "This is mine for PGT Pervomajskij city main, and resuscitation of production on it - the most important stage in the process of the return of nearby communities to the economic well-being" - commented on the news the representatives of the regional administration.
21 March 2013
Aluminium hits record
Analysts IAI (International Aluminium Institute) - an international framework, which unites about 30 major producers of "winged" metal, collected statistical information and prepare a report on the February production of aluminum in the world. According to data released by the organization, globally 3.684 million. Tons of metal were made during the reporting period, which, when divided by the number of days in February (28) is 131 600 tons per day. "This figure - an absolute record for the first time recorded in the industry since the 70s of the last century
20 March 2013
Chinese manufacturers are rapidly increasing volume of nickel production
National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China summed up the work of the nickel industry in the country for the first 2 months of 2013. According to the records department specialists, nickel production level Chinese enterprises for the period (compared to an equivalent length of time in the last year) increased sharply. So in January-February 2012 at all facilities in China it produced 39,150 tons of this metal. And for the same period this year, China producers have already issued 105.7 thousand. Tonnes of nickel, which is about 170% more than last year's data.
19 March 2013
Austrian businessmen expand spheres of influence in the special steel market
At that time, as the global steel industry counts losses caused another wave of the crisis, Austrian businessmen expanding portfolio of assets through the acquisition of companies with orientation towards steelmaking products with high added value. In particular, the owners of the international company «Voestalpine AG» (headquarters - Linz, Austria) take steps to search for and acquisition of assets in the field of special steel production in China, the United States and some European countries.
18 March 2013
Experts expect growth in copper production
Market experts expect the non-ferrous metals in 2013 to increase the volume of production of refined copper. In particular, such an opinion was expressed by experts «Center for Copper and Mining Studies». According to them, the difference is small with last year - only 3%. However, given that the growth in global demand for the red metal will not keep up with these data, for the year expected movement balance of supply / resource consumption close to zero.
17 March 2013
Norway is preparing for the launch of innovative, cost-effective aluminum production
Norwegian players are preparing for the metallurgical sector aluminum producer new, more cost-effective manner. In particular, the development in this direction is a conglomerate «Norsk Hydro ASA» - one of the five world leaders of metal "winged" in production volume. "Now, innovative technology extends run-in, and if everything goes as we planned, the plant, which is tested method would be the most economical production of aluminum in the world"
15 March 2013
Ukrainian companies reduce ferroalloys
According to the statistics of the last month, Ukrainian ferroalloy producers are still (as well as on the results of January) release of products is less than last year. At the same trends in terms of the volume of deliveries of the product on the market demonstrate a bright negative trend.
14 March 2013
Anglo-American PLC promotes nickel business in South East Asia
Group of companies «Anglo-American PLC» expanding its sphere of influence in the nickel market in South-East Asia. In particular, for these purposes - say sources in the corporation - in Singapore organized a new unit, whose tasks will include the implementation of commercial projects in the organization of the country and neighboring countries.
13 March 2013
Almalyk MMC began modernization of foundry
In Uzbek enterprise JSC "Almalyk MMC" (the largest copper producer in Central Asia) started the process of modernization of the foundry. "Currently, the plant management conducts a tender, which is a lot of the contract to supply equipment for the line ESR" - comment on the developments in the enterprise.
11 March 2013
China is expected to rare earth metal prices
Chinese regulars commodity trading platforms expected correction of established prices for rare earth metals to the downside. The reason for that - a return to the "cornfield" of the global market's largest supplier of resources in this category - REM producer of Inner Mongolia (Autonomous Region of China) - the company Baotou Steel.
8 March 2013
BUCE summed up the sales of non-ferrous metals
Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) summed up trading non-ferrous metals in the first month of 2013. According to statistics provided by the analytical department of the site in January headings such as CM scrap metals themselves, as well as products from them have shown positive trend in terms of sales (comparing performance year on year).
7 March 2013
Norilsk Nickel "keep an eye" for Solikamsk Magnesium Plant
At the recently held "Solikamsk Magnesium Plant" meeting of the Board of Directors, was elected the new head. They became Igor Tikhov, which in the Russian media is associated with the owners of MMC "Norilsk Nickel".
6 March 2013
Company RUSAL would cut production volumes
Management of the company "Russian Aluminium" (OK "RUSAL") decided to reduce the volume of production "winged metal" at 300,000 tons. By the conclusion of the need for such measures, the leaders of the structure came at a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the organization.
5 March 2013
RM-STEEL develops new brands of special steel
The Russian company - Limited Liability Company «RM-STEEL» - successfully passed the stage of prototype production GK Profile "asymmetric bulb bars" of special steels - low magnetic and high-strength alloys.
4 March 2013
Poland's largest producer of copper in need of financial support
Poland's largest copper producer - the company KGHM Polska Miedź SA (Mr. Lubin) needs financial support. "We need money for development" - commented the executive director of the company, Herbert Wirth. "First of all, the funds required for the implementation of our investment program, as well as to close the issue on payment of dividends to shareholders of the company," - said the head of the Polish steel plant.
1 March 2013
Avisma partner can connect to the production of titanium Tambov
Leaders of the Russian company "VSMPO-Avisma" does not exclude the probability that the titanium-zircon, rutile, ilmenite deposits "Central" (Tambov region), the company will produce not independently, but with the help of partners.
1 March 2013
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