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Change time
Copper prices continue to decline
As follows from the statement of experts news agency «Reuters», the price of copper for the supply of three months during the auction on June 26 at the London Metal Exchange fell by 1% and reached the level of 6737 dollars per ton. Today, life under such contracts traded at 6715 USD per one thousand kilograms.
27 June 2013
The current situation in the global stainless steel market is sad
As has been said recently in a statement the agency «Platts», general secretary of the «Stainless steel Forum» (ISSF) John Rowe in its latest assessment of the situation in the market of stainless steel given the prospects of its development pessimistic assessment. According to this analyst, the release of a corrosion-resistant metal varieties becoming more and more low-income sector of the steel industry.
25 June 2013
At Norilsk Nickel vehicle monitoring system introduced
A leading manufacturer of systems for monitoring and management of transport on the basis of satellite systems GLONASS / GPS, the corporation «Omnicomm», finished the first stage of the commissioning of the equipment for the company MMC "Norilsk Nickel". In the course of these works navigation and telematics equipment was installed in eight hundred company vehicle, and by the end of this year, its management plans to equip the equipment about two thousand cars.
24 June 2013
Royal Nickel Company intends to continue to fund the Dumont Nickel Project
"Nickel project" Dumont ", developing in the Canadian province of Quebec can expect to complete the necessary funding from the« Royal Nickel Corp. »until obtaining official permits to start work" - this was said in a statement the mining company's management, which has taken over his cash collateral.
20 June 2013
The largest non-ferrous metals trader received a new credit line
According to the press center of the largest operator of the global market of non-ferrous metal, the corporation «Glencore Xstrata», the company's management has concluded agreements with a number of European banks to provide revolving credit lines totaling more than $ 17 billion. US dollars. These agreements should ensure that the organization of cash injections in exchange loans obtained «Glencore» and «Xstrata» apart (before the merger).
18 June 2013
In the month of May increased copper production in Chile
As can be seen from the recent statistical reports, revenue from export sales of copper from Chile in May 2013 increased in comparison with the same period last year, almost 14% - up to 3.67 billion US dollars in absolute terms.. In May 2012, the figure was 3.23 billion. Dollars. However, in general, since the beginning of 2013, the income from such transactions remained at the previous level - 16.6 billion dollars (compared with January-May 2012)..
17 June 2013
Stainless steel tubes gave rise to trade battles EU and China
As recently announced, the European Union calls on the People's Republic of China (which is a partner of the EU on the World Trade Organization) exempt from customs duties exported products to China several European manufacturers of stainless steel pipe. It is a box, which is issued by the German company «Salzgitter AG» and the Spanish corporation «Tubacex SA», which specialize in the manufacture of seamless stainless steel pipes and are regular suppliers of goods to the buyer of the Chinese market.
13 June 2013
Fire on the production of titanium, VSMPO-AVISMA not entail severe consequences
The management of JSC "VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation" - a leading player in the global titanium market - reported: fire that occurred the other day in one of the shops of the company, would not entail serious consequences. According to the organization, as a result of the incident injured at work there is no threat of serious deviations from the schedule of production plans is missing, irreplaceable losses of equipment that can significantly complicate the operation of the affected units, the fire did not cause.
11 June 2013
Norilsk Nickel's shareholders decided to pay dividends for 2012
At a meeting of shareholders of MMC "Norilsk Nickel" at the end of 2012, held last Thursday, participants in the event approved the consolidated financial statements of the company, and decided to pay dividends. Based on the voting results, the amount of deductions for each share will be 400.83 rubles (a total of MMC will pay to shareholders - as implied December agreement between the Majority - about 2 billion dollars.).
10 June 2013
Glencore Xstrata will expand the lead-zinc mine McArthur River
Local Northern Australian authorities issued permission to the company Glencore Xstrata on a major expansion of lead-zinc mine McArthur River. Now the owner of the field may start a project to build ore mining, work on which will begin in the current year. At the end of the expansion (and it is scheduled for 2014) will increase the area of ​​the quarry with the existing 145 hectares to 210 hectares, and its depth (210 meters) will be doubled.
7 June 2013
American plant primary aluminum Sebree changed hands
The company «Century Aluminum» (USA) - one of the 10 largest aluminum producers in the world - announced the closing of the transaction with the «Rio Tinto Alcan» (Australian-British joint venture), which resulted in the plant «Sebree» (Henderson County, Kentucky) has officially a change of ownership. The new owner of the asset has become one of the subsidiaries of American corporations.
4 June 2013
Chilean copper producers are increasing production volumes, but losing profits
Chilean copper producers warn about the increase in red metal production in the first quarter of this year, noting that their income is reduced. In particular, the leadership of the largest operator of the market of non-ferrous metals in the country (which, in combination, and the most powerful producer of copper in the world) - the company «Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile» (CODELCO) - claims to increase the resource production volumes at its own facilities in the first 4 months of 2013 to a level of 385 thousand. tonnes and tells the parallel reduction of business income to $ 868 million.
3 June 2013
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